Most Affordable cost for cremation $640.00

If you are being cremated, after you choose a funeral home, you must choose a crematorium.

River's Edge Cremation is a  locally owned and operated crematorium since 2015. 

We offer the most affordable cremation in the area for residents and non-residents of Sault Ste. Marie alike.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, video monitoring system, and family witnessing area, we offer a secure and comfortable facility, providing a family with the utmost privacy and dignity in their time of need. 

When you choose cremation, you should have full confidence in the integrity of the process. Our step-by-step process provides peace of mind that the cremated remains you receive are, without question, those of your loved one.

Code of Ethics: We have strict procedures and ethics that we adhere to, and because we own our own crematory, you will have the comfort in knowing your loved one never leaves our care.

Cremation Record: A numbered label is placed with your loved one the moment they are brought into our facility. Their name, as well as other pertinent information, is entered into our permanent cremation record.

Safeguarding Personal Identity: A numbered, stainless steel identification tag is placed with your loved one. This number is logged into the cremation record and will remain with them throughout the cremation process.

Family Viewing: We offer families an opportunity to pay their last respects to their loved one in a quiet, intimate setting which is scheduled at the time of cremation.

Checks and Balances: To ensure all paperwork is correct, it is read by 3 separate parties: a licensed funeral director from your funeral home, family member(s), and the crematory technician. This provides a thorough review of the cremation paperwork and all required permits. All stages of the cremation are video recorded for peace of mind.

After the Cremation Process: Once the cremation is complete, the cremated remains are kept secure in our internal valt along with the stainless steel identification tag and documents until returned to the appointed funeral home.

When choosing River's Edge Cremation Centre, you are choosing a privately operated facility in Sault Ste Marie that has served each funeral home within Sault Ste Marie. Each cremation is performaed by an Ontario Certified Licensed Operator or Funeral Director. All post cremation metals are disposed. 

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